The Penguin Producer is all about documenting Linux media production.

Linux is a wild place. It has a lot going for it, from security, to flexibility, to an extreme level of personalization. It can support a lot more than people realize, and can find its way into many areas that most people just don’t realize.

One of these areas is in media production. Writing, drawing, audio, music, and video, as well as various mixtures of all of these things, are not generally considered to be a strength of Linux, and it leads a lot of people to believe that Linux does not have anything to work with in this area.

However, like in everything else, there are dedicated communities determined to have the tools everyone else has, but without the hefty price tag or closed ecosystem. From the GIMP, to Jack, to Blender, and even with various commercial offerings like Harrison Mixbus and Lightworks Pro, there’s a lot more available than is commonly assumed. But when it comes to documentation and training, there’s not a lot of options out there for the beginner, and the expert already has their chosen workflow.

This is where we come in. The idea behind the Penguin Producer is to help the starting media producer make high-quality media using Linux and its tools, and learn the process on the way. Some basics will be assumed, although they can be added upon request, but we intend to provide tips, tricks, tutorials, and documentation for the various tools you will come to use in your Linux media production journey.

Welcome to the Penguin Producer. Feel free to make something good!