Welcome Back!

Welcome back to the Penguin Producer!

Unfortunately, while the old information is no longer readily available for access on this site (it would require a lot of work for old information), you can still access it from the Internet Archive.

In this iteration, the Penguin Producer will be scaling back all the fancy interface elements, and focus on keeping it simple: producing content. As time goes on, the old content will be refreshed, and reappear here for your access, and new information will be added, as well.

This site will no longer host comments. Instead, as new content is released, it will also show up in Twitter, where the conversation can spread beyond just visitors to this website. There will be a search on this website, however, just to make sure you can find whatever information you’re looking for.

Additionally, I’ve also prepared a YouTube channel. The goal is to provide the documentation in video form as well as written form, for those who feel better watching than reading the materials.

All this will take some time to prepare, so please bear with us. We hope to have content coming soon, but there is still some work required behind the scenes before we’ll be ready to start cranking out content. In the meantime, thank you for your patience!

By Lampros Liontos

Lampros Liontos is a Linux man. Very Linux. He's been using Linux since the mid-90s, and has attempted to formulate the use of the system for many things. In 2010, multimedia production became one of the things, and he started researching like crazy. In 2013, Lampros went to college to study telecommunication, and as of 2017, he left the campus with a Bachelor's degree in Telecommunication Studies. And he made it through using only Linux tools. He is proof positive that Linux can be used to make serious, viable media that can make it in the real world. Now, if he could just get around to actually doing something useful...